The Title. like sunlight burning at midnight. This is a line from a Francesca Battistelli song entitled, “Beautiful Beautiful.” God’s grace is like that. Nonsensical. Unfathomable. An unexpected light in the dark.  Beauty in the brokenness. Making ALL things new.  Calling us to transform this world into God’s upside-down kin-dom.

And me. After graduating from Furman University in Greenville, SC with degrees in Religion and Economics and some minors in Latin American Studies and Poverty Studies, I moved to Chicago, IL for a volunteer year with Amate House, where I lived in community with other young adult volunteers. We all worked at different service sites around the city, and then ate together, prayed together, and generally figured out how to live together for a year with vastly different styles, goals, and priorities in mind. But we shared a commitment to service, social justice, faith, community, and stewardship.

LV 2012
Our Little Village house at the end of our Amate year

Post Amate, I stayed in Chicago to get my Masters of Divinity degree at Catholic Theological Union in Hyde Park, Chicago. I finished my time there having a good time with my muse. That was kind of fun.

What I tend to write about.  I write about running sometimes because I joined the world of crazies and ran the Chicago marathon on October 7, 2012 and I have kept up the crazy habit, signing up for round 2, two years later, which was on October 12, 2014. Round 3 is happening October 9, 2016.  Running for me is not just exercise or habit (though it is those), but it is also a metaphor for life and a training ground for my spiritual life. Thus, you’ll find many running is a metaphor for life musings around here.

I also write scripture reflections occasionally for work/ministry, school (in the past), or various publications. Connecting scripture and theology with real life is a passion of mine and so necessary. How else will faith and religion continue to have relevance for the life of the world if we leave our theology in the clouds and the Word in vague abstractions?

Aside from those big themes, who knows what else you’ll find here? 🙂

marathon 2014b
Running Buddy and me. Way too happy for being at Mile 20 or so (2014). Ohio State man was enjoying our enthusiasm though!

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Melissa,
    I came across your article about the WCC Graduate Ecumenical Theological Institute in the winter “Koinonia” e-mail from Paulist Office for Ecumenical Relations. It then occured to me that you might have interest–or know of folk who would have interest–in submitting an essay to this year’s Essay Contest sponsored by the North American Academy of Ecumenists. You can read about the topic and other details on the NAAE website (www.naae.net). I would also invite you to consider joining us! The website also offers details about our 2014 meeting in Burbank, CA.
    In the meantime, please pass on word of the essay contest to fellow students and others around the world with whom you have contact through GETI. If there’s to be an ecumenical spring–and I truly believe one is on the way–we need more folks like you, enthusiastic to labor in the vineyard!
    Thanks for your thoughtful blog entries, too, which I’ve just discovered.

    Happy Week of Prayer for Christian Unity,

    William McDonald
    Associate Professor of Religion
    Tennessee Wesleyan College
    Athens, TN 37303

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