I read and read and read other people’s blogs–
friends’ blogs and blogs of people I imagine to be my friends because they sound SO COOL
and I never resent them for blogging, or think that they shouldn’t
share their hearts and minds and adventures via their words
in fact, I love them for sharing their hearts and minds and adventures
via their words,
for crafting their art.
I don’t think your voice is TOO MUCH
But i find mine to be sometimes.
I blogged only once in the past year because something riled me
I wrote with much qualification and trepidation
I also wrote a lot for class, so I’ll give myself that
I found and made time to write papers of which I was proud
(what a novel idea!)
I will honor where I was and who I was
but now, I’m taking a risk.
I’m going to South Korea.*
I’m interning with a hospital chaplain.
I’m starting my second year at a grad school I love.
I’m becoming an aunt–again–this time to a NIECE!
I’m finding my voice.
not at the expense of yours.
I’m putting words to my journey
sharing my story,
unwrapping my story

because if you deny your story,
you deny not only yourself… 
but you deny the very Author Who is writing your redemptive epic.

A wannabe poet borrowing this wisdom from a seasoned poet-blogger.
Embarking on my own journey of poetry, blogging, listening, pondering, musing,
thinking about theological things because that’s what I do,
who I am.
No longer writing partial drafts and never publishing.
Failing to create because I’m afraid to fail
Afraid to be criticized
no longer.
I’m taking a risk.
Encouraged by your courage
Amplifying others’ courage
And The story
My art not at the expense of yours
I’m daring greatly.



*Just fyi, I’m going to Korea for two weeks–not moving there or anything!- in the late Fall for the World Council of Churches. More on that later 🙂


3 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Hey M,

    This was beautiful, well written and I thoroughly enjoyed this insight into your life right now– Thanks for sharing 🙂

    please be safe and have an amazing time in south korea,

    lots of love,


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