An Amate House shoutout

So click on over here to read my letter that I sent to family and friends as part of a semi-annual letter-writing update and fundraising effort that Amate asks of the volunteers every year.

Of course, it’s never comfortable to ask for donations but I just really looked at it as an opportunity to reconnect with people and update family and friends about my experience this year, especially those that might otherwise have no idea what I’m (actually) doing this year. I didn’t have to pay for the stamps so I wanted to make use of this opportunity for sharing and I just snuck the appeal part in at the end 😉 And I really do believe in the value of the Amate House program, so in that sense, it was the least I could do!

So if you feel so inclineed… check out my letter!

P.S. For my few faithful blog readers (all 3 of you or so!), please ignore some overlap between my Community post and my letter.  I will admit to plagiarizing myself 😀


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