I was thinking about the concept of reflection a lot especially at the beginning of the summer. Kind of odd, huh? Reflecting about reflecting?! But it’s true. I was. I was thinking about where an un-reflected life leads.  And how important reflecting is to becoming who we are. Who we should be. A better version of ourselves. Who God made us to be.

Last semester I didn’t have much time for reflection. Or better yet, I didn’t make time. But so much happened-as always! I was very thankful to have a summer, especially a May that allowed me to think. About what I experienced. About what kind of person I was becoming. What I liked and what I didn’t. And that made me realize…

An unreflected life does not lead to good things. To who I want to be.

Life happens. Things get thrown at us. People change. We move (on).

Without reflecting, we just react. We don’t ACT purposefully. We also miss out on life. On the little things. Or the big things. We miss out on the gifts that God lavishes us with at every moment. We miss God’s presence in our lives. We don’t see the good.

We become a product of our circumstances instead of letting ourselves be molded by our Creator, the master Molder.

Reflecting isn’t about living in the past. It’s about living in the moment and finding God there. It’s about seeing His hand at work– in the past and present. And making ourselves open to His hand in the future.

May this blog help me remember to reflect. Apparently someone else thought reflecting was important too…

An unreflected life is not worth living.

Says Socrates.

i leave for chicago in two weeks. Better get preparing for and reflecting on that!!


5 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. I found myself reflecting on you reflecting about reflecting and got very reflective about thinking about things that make me think.

    Only one aspect of creation can do it (humanity) so I thought I would show how grateful I am.

    In my R6 (reflecting to the 6th power) I discovered a two way street.
    The movement at times went within (self discovery) and at times outward.
    I found myself much more anxious about the former and excited in the latter.

    Then I became very philosophical, even metaphysical.
    “If I am the knower, and all processes filter through both my knowledge and my processing skills, then I am quite bound up in the limits these two statuses impose naturally.

    The way out and in then seems a careful development of what may be known outside of me, and, a careful development of becoming more keenly aware of my self limitations. In these two developments, I as the knower, come to greater senses of whatever may be true.

    Thus the two-fold movement in knowing (Inward and outward) are directly related to my activity to expand the content base of each.

    I leave with the word inspiration.
    As I reflect, I am inspired just simply by the capacity.
    The limitless approach to the fullness of being.
    Let the quest proceed.

  2. Hey Melissa! What a cool journey — exciting, admirable, searching . . . in a word, real. Ain’t life grand! On reflecting: have you heard of, studied, practiced the examen prayer (from Ignatius Loyola — he da man) –it’s very close to what you talk about in this post.

    You are so love-filled and hopeful — the blog title captures it beautifully. Keep doing what you’re doing!

    All the best,

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